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Glass Art Jewelry

  • "Sound travels 95 miles across the grassland"

  • "Como el robledal"

  • "Leshy"

  • "A poem about everything"

  • "Plan secretly and without respite"

  • "And the sky full of stars"

  • "Above this difficult world"

  • "Highway 61"

  • "If the seas catch fire"

  • "Lend me your skin"

  • "To have honored hunger"

  • "Rites that are Proper for the Wedding of a Mermaid that hath Forsaken the Sea"

  • "Thrice around the world"

  • "Jumping out of your own skin into your own song"

  • "Fiddling in the sunrise"

  • "Wine-dark sea"

Blown Glass Bowls

Me and Dave, Glassblowing (photography by Scott Lefton)