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When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to live in a library in a lighthouse and spend all my time learning and solving puzzles and making stuff. Except for the lighthouse (so far), that's pretty much what my grown-up life has become.

Long story short: once upon a time I was a lawyer, and I ran my own law firm after finishing my clerkship at the Criminal Court in Brooklyn, NY. I always loved criminal defense the best. Now I'm a programmer, where having lots of formal training in evaluating evidence continues to come in pretty handy!

I've worked with Ruby, Scala, Python, Go, Javascript, and bits of Java, Clojure, Coffeescript, and Objective-C professionally. On the side, I've also played with Erlang, Vimscript, Prolog, and a smattering of other languages. I'm way more interested in guts than pixels.

I'm currently a software engineer at Stripe, where I get to work on interesting problems with a bunch of really smart and awesome people. Life is grand!