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27 Dec 2020
Chocolate Mousse


  • 6 large eggs (optionally pasteurized but we almost never bother)
  • 6 oz booze (I like rum but anything tasty will do)
  • 3/8 C sugar
  • 12 oz dark chocolate (we typically use 70% scharffen berger)


  1. Beat eggs and sugar at high speed to soft peaks.

  2. Melt chocolate with booze and whisk until smooth. Temperature should be about 110 F.

  3. Fold about a quarter of the egg mixture into the chocolate. Then fold in the rest.

  4. Refrigerate at least 2 hours.


This is basically Alice Medrich’s Albert’s Mousse, except we always make at least a double recipe and use more booze and no coffee. It’s INTENSE.