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10 Nov 2011
Recent Sketches

On my way to the train one morning a couple weeks ago, I saw this marvelous flock of pigeons on top of a gorgeous brownstone.

And here are some folks I saw on the subway over the past few weeks:

And more subway folks:

Still more subway folks, but these were done with a fountain brush pen:

Really cute kid I saw on the subway a few weeks ago:

(Hero M86 fountain pen with Noodler's Kiowa Pecan ink; watercolors from my bestest little altoid tin palette)

Actually, on that note, this is the travel palette I built that I use nowadays:

I used hot glue to create 9 separate compartments in a teensy tiny mini Altoids tin, which I hot glued to a rectangle of cardboard.

(I also glued in a bit of scrap dry-erase board stuff left over from when we redid the upstairs hallway for mixing, but I don't think that part is strictly necessary.)

I have a cool trio of primary colors (lemon yellow, scarlet lake, ultramarine), a warm trio of primary colors (indian yellow, permanent rose, and phthalo blue), and at the bottom as extras I have indigo and a bit of titanium white goache.

I keep a waterbrush in my pen case, and that's it, easy and tiny.

It works basically like this, with the other end of the cardboard stuck between journal pages to hold the palette very conveniently in place for me:

View from The Elevated Acre at 55 Water St., NY, NY. With helicopters!

View when returning to the street from The Elevated Acre:

A lovely building just north of Union Square: